ART AND SCIENCE – ARTIENSE (Those beautiful things)

Art and science are unified in their search for patterns. It is the permanent cycle of constraint and action that creates patterns giving rise to the numinous, the beauty, and awe. In each action, the previous movements constrain the subsequent ones be it planet motion, dance, or sports. Actions are nothing else than patterns of morphogenesis in process.  Painting and sculpting is shaping and molding the space through action and constraint. It is a pattern forming process.  Each series of strokes with the paintbrush or the carving tool becomes a shape, a detail that constrains the subsequent strokes. It creates the future. It creates the the adjacent possible. The picture or sculpture emerges from this cycle of strokes and constraint.  In similar vein, the previous notes constrain the subsequent ones. The harmony on a longer time interval constrains  which melody patterns can be played within the same interval. Symbols and their meanings in mathematics and language, behave in same way. Through action and constraint the music, equations, sports, storytelling and poetry generate patterns of events that mold our thoughts and emotions. They are all pattern forming processes in which the perpetual cycle of action and constraint play a crucial role in the generation of meaning. Each of those proceses converges toward a unique attractor pattern or wanders between them. Patterns of mathematical symbols generate patterns of solutions which have an undeniable aesthetic appeal. Patterns of art inspire science and vice versa.  Pattern means nonhomogeneity. It means broken symmetryBroken symmetry means that it is not arbitrary what can follow or occur after or near the previous event. It means existence of a structure or existence of information. There is a state of preferred order within the system. In a certain sense, art and science mean existence and pleasure of preference.  Both are constraints-led pattern discovering processes. In this way art becomes science and science becomes art.

Robert Hristovski 16.06.2015